George had worked with the Sozio family for years as their exclusive paint manufacturer and supplier. He always had taken note of their high quality craftsmanship and the relationships they built with their customers, but when he witnessed the integrity with which they handled the housing collapse, he knew he would someday align with them - it would be smart business to do so. George watched as the Sozio Family went to great lengths to protect their customers from the economic downturn…as subcontractors and suppliers were going out of business all around them, the Sozio family used their own money to make sure every job they currently had was completed to their customers’ total satisfaction!


The 2nd of the 4 sons, Tony grew up thinking he wanted to be a police officer, but knowing all the while he could become a great builder. He was always hands-on, learning the intricacies of his craft from anyone willing to share - his Dad, his grandfather, the master European trim carpenter he worked with for several years…anyone willing to show him. When the Sozio Family started Sozio Construction Company, Inc. in 1990, Tony quickly settled into his role as the “go-to guy” in the field. He commands respect from all the tradesmen, whether employees or subcontractors. They soon find out that Tony knows their jobs as well, if not better, than they do. This led to a comment made by a subcontractor on a jobsite once, that “Tony is the toughest builder I’ve ever done work for - he demands perfection!” Through the housing crash and economic downturn Tony remained active in the local residential construction market, knowing that as the market improved in the beautiful SW Florida area, he would get back to the task at hand – a family owned and operated business dedicated to quality craftsmanship and complete customer satisfaction. That focus, vision and perseverance manifested itself with the birth of Sozio Building Company, Inc. in 2013.


The oldest of 4 sons in a very loving and tight-knit family, Nick had ambitions throughout his educational years to become a lawyer. Deep down though, from the time he and his brother Tony III were cleaning up jobsites, he always knew he wanted to follow in his Dad’s footsteps into the Construction Industry. Most importantly, he wanted that path to lead to a family business. And it did. After years of gaining experience in all facets of the construction business, in 1990 the Sozio Family started Sozio Construction Company, Inc. in Cape Coral, Florida. After successfully completing more than 200 projects over the course of 18+ years, without even 1 dissatisfied customer, the housing crash and subsequent economic collapse took it’s toll and SozioConstruction Company, Inc. had to close it’s doors. Nick ventured back to his hometown of Niagara Falls, NY to take advantage of a position that would continue his construction journey and education - but he knew, in time, he would return to his chosen path…a family owned and operated residential construction company poised to continue their record of success, without even 1 dissatisfied customer!



Although semi-retired, and not involved in the everyday, day-to-day operations, it would be unwise for Nick, Tony III and George to not benefit from the vast knowledge and extensive experience of the Sozio Family Patriarch, Tony Jr. With over 54 years experience in the construction industry, his value to Sozio Building Company, Inc., as a special consultant, is immeasurable! But just as valuable is the integrity he has, and has instilled in his sons - it’s this integrity that makes the Sozio name one to be proud of

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